Product Description

BKK Eco is a colourless water repellent coating, water-based, natural and ecological, suitable to protect absorbent surfaces such as bricks, stone, cement, etc... from wind-driven rain infiltration.

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BKK Eco - Water Repellent Coating Application 

  • The video shows the steps for the application hydrophobic treatment for masonry exposed face created through the use of colorless coatingwaterproof andbreathable treatment BKK, applied on external walls of mixed masonry of a private house.

  • It is shown initially as the wallonce wet, tend to absorb water. It then describes the operations of protection of doors and wooden frames, covered with plain cardboard.Following we proceed with the application of the materialwhich can be applied bybrush, roller or airless

  • In this case the material was applied with a manual airlesspumpdirectly on the surface of the mixed masonry. 

  • After the application of the material and when it is completely drythe wall was againwet with waterand as it is possible to noticethis time both the stone surface andthe bedding mortar one does not present water absorption phenomena.

Technical Detail

Product Features

Aspect: Liquid

Components: One-component

Breathability: μ=7

Weathering test resistance: 1680 hours without remarkable changes

UV rays resistance: 680 hours without remarkable changes

BKK Eco Information

Data Sheets

BKK Eco Technical SheetBKK Eco Technical SheetTechnical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Certification