Sasmox Wall Lining

Product Description

  • Sasmox boards are made of a mixture of calcinated gypsum and wood fibres. The wood fibres and gypsum bond together when the gypsum is cured under pressure.
  • Gypsum accounts for 84 to 86% of the weight of the fi nished panel and wood fibres for 12 to 14%.
  • At the normal indoor relative humidity of 65%, the moisture content of the panel is about 2%.
  • In terms of structure, Sasmox boards are uniform: solid gypsum with wood fibres evenly dispersed throughout the product.
  • The exposed surface is sealed, smooth and light in colour. No adhesives are used in the manufacture and as a result, the panels neither contain nor release any substances hazardous to human health.

How to Cut Sasmox panels


Data Sheets

Sasmox Wall LiningSasmox Wall LiningTechnical Data Sheet