Spano Durelis Populair

Product Description

DURÉLIS POPULAIR is a 12mm thick, high-density particleboard with an unsanded, hard surface, developed specifically for the timber frame industry as a more diffusion open alternative to conventional plywood or OSB. DURÉLIS POPULAIR combines the benefits of high racking strength, and a diffusion open construction. It also assists in the design of a healthy living environment and durable construction. With a vapour resistance of only 2.45MNs/g, DURÉLIS POPULAIR is over 3 times more vapour diffusion open, compared to conventional OSB 3 sheathing. The board is suitable for external applications, even when exposed to high humidity, often experienced on Irish building sites, with minimal expansion and swelling in such conditions. DURÉLIS POPULAIR is also suitable for load-bearing applications in humid conditions (rated P5 board). The board is easy to saw and screw into, and has a low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). Similar to OSB3 or other sturtual boards, DURELIS POPULAIR must be protected with a suitable diffusion open wall lining membrane during the building phase.

To confirm the exceptional durability of the boards, DURÉLIS POPULAIR meets the specifications of EN 312, P5, option 1, cyclic test, in which the board is immersed in water, frozen and finally dried. This cycle is repeated 3 times, after which the test specimens are tested for swelling and internal bond strength. The board is CE marked and production quality is checked daily by in house quality control. DURÉLIS POPULAIR is manufactured to the quality standards to comply with ISO 9001. Whether designing a diffusion open, breathing construction or a conventional timber frame, DURÉLIS POPULAIR provides the optimum combination of high racking strength and optimum durability.

Technical Detail

Materials Wood particle board
Vapour Resistance: 3.06 MNs/g (OSB3 = 9.7MNs/g)
Fire Rating D-s2
Thermal Conductivity: 0.13W/mk
3rd Party Accreditation: CE
Colour: Green
Sheet Dimensions: 12mm x 1200mm x 2400mm
Density: 720
Racking classification: P5


Data Sheets

Spano Durelis PopulairSpano Durelis PopulairTechnical Data Sheet