Smart Six Insulation Xpander >> Wall

The external wall face is the largest area of the building and merits special attaention when renovating older buildings and upgrading their energy efficiency.

A combination of the Smart Six UE Universal Expander and the FT wall
pocket allows uneven external walls to be more effectively levelled and insulated.

Smart Six allows for:

  • Variability in insulation thicknesses
  • The option to realign any uneven walls
  • Rapid installation
  • Reduction in thermal bridges


UE Universal Expander
UE Universal Expander
Universal Expander can be used to align walls in combination with the FT
pocket. It can also be applied externally to existing rafters.
More Detail
FT Universal Pocket
FT Universal Pocket
Plywood webs are used to create pockets of differing depths into which the UE Expanders are fitted and fixed. More Detail