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The Gutex range of wood fibre insulation is ideal for both existing and new buildings and offers the total solution to wall, roof and floor applications. The boards can be used either internally or externally as cladding on buildings to increase insulation levels and energy efficiency. This is particularly timely with the introduction of building Energy Ratings and rising energy costs.

Gutex, a family owned and operated company from the Black Forest in Germany, has produced insulating fibre boards from wood for over 75 years. Today, Gutex is a leader in innovative,environmentally-friendly manufacturing and to date is the only manufacturer to use a ‘dry’ manufacturing process which is capable of producing single-ply, highly compressive resistance, wood fibre board insulation in thicknesses up to 240mm. This state of the art machinery means that around 40% less energy is used than on conventional ‘wet’ manufacturing processes.

Wood fibreboards are vapour permeable and help regulate moisture, producing a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Because wood has the highest volumetric heat storage capacity of all insulating material it offers superior protection against the cold in winter and the heat in summer. This high volumetric storage coupled with its open fibre structure also lends itself excellently to acoustic applications.