Sasmox - Gypsum Bonded Wood Particle Board

SASMOX is a totally natural product produced with sustainable raw materials. SASMOX constitutes 83 per cent gypsum, 15 per cent wood fibres and 2 per cent moisture. SASMOX’s high impact resistance and racking strength can be attributed to the unique bond produced in the press between gypsum and wood fibres. Absolutely no glue is used in the production process. The panels do not contain asbestos and they do not emit substances hazardous to health.

SASMOX opens up new opportunities in demanding off site applications. Besides its extremely high fire resistance and effective sound insulation properties, SASMOX produces a seamless surface for wallpapering or painting. SASMOX is light in colour and fine surfaced. Therefore, SASMOX can be wallpapered, veneered, or painted directly, requiring no wet trades.

SASMOX also possesses an extremely high load bearing capacity and acts as an effective means of achieving racking resistance in prefabricated wall panels (2.52 kN for 10mm fixed at 140mm centres), therefore it is ideal for machine nailing and prefabricated constructions. In areas of constructions where impact resistance is a high priority, SASMOX panels provide the perfect solution, offering maximum impact resistance without additional reinforcements. SASMOX also provides major reductions in both airborne and impact sound.

SASMOX can be worked easily with hand tools and gives a clean neat finish, with no break-out. SASMOX has excellent screw holding capabilities, so fixings can be made directly to the panel. In the factory, SASMOX can be stapled, nailed or screwed and is available in a range of thicknesses, board sizes and edge details. It can be fitted directly to many substrates and framing systems including timber, steel and concrete.