Windtightness in Buildings

pro clima A Windtight Building

Ecological Building Systems are very proud to have been working with the pro clima system for nearly a decade, gaining the sole agency in Ireland and the UK. We now supply through a network of trained stockists ensuring local supply and superior service.

pro clima are based in Germany and have been providing Intelligent airtight and windtight building solutions since 1981 with their products used in some of the most airtight and windtight constructions in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe. They lead the field in the development and manufacture of Intelligent, high performance sealing systems for thermal insulation in constructions.

To achieve maximum thermal efficiency insulation must be completely sealed on both sides. The insulation is then protected against the elements on the outside by the SOLITEX PLUS membrane and against the penetration of indoor air and vapour on the inside by the airtight seal (e.g.,vapour check) on the inside. The construction is now windtight externally and airtight internally.