Healthier Living

Healthy Living Your home is the one place you believe to be a healthy and safe environment for the family to live in and grow. Yet, so many of us live in homes that are neither energy efficient, nor designed and built to create a healthy living atmosphere and are harmful to the environment because of the amount of carbon emissions produced from the space and water heating systems utilized.

Too often, our homes suffer from excessive heat in the summer and are chilly in winter, with external and internal sound intrusion, mould, rot, damp, draughts and condensation contributing to our buildings not being the safe place we would wish for.

Many of our homes can’t breathe naturally, creating environments where the health of our families and the long-term viability of the structure of our homes themselves may be at risk.

Ecological Building Systems, provide low energy intelligent building solutions, combating that risk and pro-actively supporting the healthy living ethos by supplying natural insulating solutions together with the pro clima Intelligent Airtight System.

More Natural Insulation

A home which is sufficiently insulated with a natural insulation such as those sold by Ecological can benefit from a constantly naturally conditioned atmosphere within the home, while at the same time providing additional benefits of improved energy performance, lower CO2 emissions, a much improved internal atmosphere and outstanding acoustic and fire protection.

All our natural insulations are made from fully sustainable materials which ensure your home is better insulated while also helping to protect the viability of the structure of the building itself, as they can absorb and release moisture without affecting thermal performance, hence reducing the probability of interstitial condensation occurring within or between the layers of the building envelope, which in turn protects the structure, as it reduces the possibility of mould growth, rot & damp.

More natural insulations are non-allergenic, they are particularly but not exclusively suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers as they ensure a healthy living atmosphere within the home.

In addition, they also have a very high thermal mass, which allows them to act as a heat store, when exposed to intense heat during the day, which is then slowly released at a controlled rate back into the home later. This then further reduces the amount of energy used within the home for heating purposes.

These forms of insulation can be made even more energy efficient providing an even healthier internal living atmosphere by the installation of the pro clima Intelligent Airtight System.

Nature Plus logo Many of our insulations also carry the Nature Plus logo which is the international label of quality for all building and accommodation products, which provides an orientation towards sustainability for all those involved in the building process. Products which carry this label are characterised by their high level of quality in the areas of health, the environment and functionality. Natureplus is engaged at all levels to ensure that in the future these products achieve a higher level of consumer demand.

Effective Airtightness

By combining the effectiveness of natural insulation with the high performing pro clima airtight system, not only is a low energy home assured but also a low allergen emitting healthy home which is structurally protected from moisture damage.

When insulating your home the only way to ensure that you gain the maximum impact from your insulation, while also ensuring you are creating a healthy home, is to ensure that the structure of your home is sealed for airtightness.

The effectiveness of the insulation and the generation of a healthy living atmosphere is directly dependant on the quality and consistency of the airtight envelope protecting your home.

pro clima products have been tested and approved by the Sentinel-Haus Institute to meet their stringent standards for healthy buildings with good air quality. Sentinel House logo

Combining one of Ecological Building Systems natural insulation products with the Pro Clima Airtight System will contribute to an immediate and long term comfortable, healthy & energy-efficient home, whether it is for a new build, extension or renovation project.