Celenit "Highly Commended" at ArchiExpo 2019

Niall Crosson receiving award for Celenit at ArchiExpo 2019

Following their previous successes at ArchiExpo in Dublin, Ecological Building Systems were yet again recognized for their pioneering work in supplying high performance sustainable building products to the market. Ecological’s CELENIT ACOUSTIC DESIGN range, was Highly Commended in the category “Best Interior Design Product”. But what is Celenit and why are people talking about it?

Celenit boards are primarily applied as sound insulating and thermal insulation boards, as well as for a suitable plastering background, which may be applied either internally or externally. Comprised of 48% wood wool and 52% mineral binders (mainly Portland cement and marble dust), the fibers are mineralized in a process which ensures optimum durability is maintained whilst retaining the beneficial thermal and mechanical properties of wood.

With the ACOUSTIC | DESIGN products line, Celenit provides advanced solutions that blend high sound absorption performance with the sustainability and eco-compatibility of a natural product, which is also aesthetically attractive and mechanically resistant. With their unique surface configuration, wood wool boards are natural sound absorbers. Soundwaves do not bounce from one wall to another, rather they are partly absorbed and dissipated, thus avoiding annoying reverberation. Along with this, Celenit boards are also available in a range of pre painted colours, or, they may be painted on site.

Celenit boards in different colours

In crowded public places, Health & Safety must be treated as a top priority. Celenit panels have fire reaction classifications of A2-s1,d0 and B-s1; and the fire resistance values of false ceilings can reach 60 minutes of fire resistance (EI60 certificate). Furthermore, Celenit boards are eco-friendly, certified by ANAB- ICEA and Natureplus which ensures they do not present any health risk to installers orbuilding occupants. They are tested to befree from critical emissions of carcinogens, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds VOC and asbestos, according to the EN 13964 standard.  Complete environmental product declarations are also available for all Celenit panels.

CELENIT ACOUSTIC DESIGN product line offers:

  •          Optimum sound absorption
  •          Contributes to a more comfortable living space
  •          Offers high levels of fire resistance Fire Euroclass A2-s1, d0
  •          High mechanical strength and impact resistance
  •          Provide an effective combination of thermal mass and thermal resistance
  •          Sustainable and eco biocompatible
  •          Customised design solutions available on request
  •          Maximum flexibility in design
  •          Available in multiple colours

Written by Niall Crosson, Ecological Building Systems

Posted on Thursday, 24 October 2019
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