Ecological Building Systems Launch New Low Energy Retrofits Course

We launched our new Low Energy Retrofit Course this week to a full house. The attendees included architects, engineers,  and clerks of works from private practices and local authorities. After tea and coffee, the day began with an overview of key principles to appreciate prior to retrofitting building elements. Improved airtightness is crucial to ensure the insulation performs effectively, to offset heat losses and reduce the risk of condensation within building elements. High levels of airtightness must be combined with an effective ventilation strategy, the key is to build tight, ventilate right. Other areas addressed were in the field of thermal bridging and ensuring appropriate breathable insulation materials are used, to offset condensation risk. 

The course also provided an overview of building regulations requirements in terms of retrofit.  Internally Insulating Solid Walls proved to be an area of particular interest, with many attendees highlighting experiences of mould growth and a reduction in indoor air quality following retrofits. 

Following from this the training batten was passed over to our in-house Passivhaus expert Darren O’Gorman, who introduced Passivhaus & Enerphit principles. Darren also provided a demonstration of a thermographic survey of a section of our training area combined with a blower door test. After this, all attendees went for a well-earned dinner and coffee.


After lunch, we provided an over of the thermal refurbishment of  roofs, walls and floors with GUTEX, THERMO HEMP, pro clima airtightness systems, CALSITHERM and DIATHONITE cork lime thermal plaster.

Finally to finish, a practical airtightness installation demonstration  was delivered by Peter Smith and Darren O’Gorman. Peter has many years of experience providing guidance on many groundbreaking retrofits throughout Ireland.  Peter and Darren presented good detailing/practice for airtightness and insulation based on their own expertise and lessons learnt from their many site calls. It was great to see the interaction between architects, engineers and builders working together applying insulation and airtightness materials. Nobody was left idle handed and everyone had a go.

 Feedback from the course has been extremely positive.

We look forward to hosting the next Low Energy Retrofit training course on the 23rd of March 2017 for bookings please click here 

Niall Crosson - Technical Engineer

  By Niall Crosson, Technical Engineer, BTech,MEngSc,MIEI

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Posted on Friday, 9 December 2016
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