Ecological Building Systems Visit BAU Munich 2017

The Ecological team once again visited the BAU Munich Building Fair this week commencing the 16th of January.

BAU, the Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, is held every two years. It sets standards and is the industry's most important gathering

I have attended each of these events since 2003. The Fair is a unique opportunity to catch up with our supplier partners and its also great chance to investigate other innovative new build, Passivhaus and renovation solutions which we may bring to the Irish or British markets in the future.

On our visit this year we visited the show over 2 days. We were greeted to a wintery start to our trip where the temperature on our walk from the U-Bahn was -6 degrees. Once we entered the warmer surrounds of the Bau fair we went directly to our friends in pro clima. Pro clima’s stand provided some detailed building models along with a continuous live airtightness and windtightness application demonstrations. Pro clima also presented their latest innovations in the field of airtightness adhesives including the new ORCON MULTIBOND.

A centrepiece to pro clima’s stand was a windsurf with a pro clima INTELLO PLUS sail. Pro clima visited the west of Ireland last year and filmed an Irish Olympic windsurfer ride the renowned waves of Mullaghmore.


After visiting pro clima we set out to our colleagues at GUTEX woodfibre. GUTEX consistently present the most stunning building models at the Bau Fair in my opinion, and this year yet again they did not disappoint. With displays ranging from detailed internal insulation solutions for masonry walls with THERMOROOM, external insulation with render in the form of THERMOWALL or the latest solutions for thermal insulating vented facades with MULITHERM. A range of thermal solutions for new and retrofitted roofs was also shown.

GUTEX were celebrating 85 years of producing woodfibre insulation on their stand and were giving away pine tree seeds in a beautifully presented case which can be planted at home.

GUTEX also launched their new improved flexible woodfibre batt THERMOFLEX which features a higher density and is much easier to work with.

Moving on from GUTEX we visited CALSITHERM to view the latest innovations in their capillary active thermal insulation systems. CALSITHERM have now been awarded
an ETA approval for the Climate Board. Their stand featured an impressive CALSITHERM pyramid as well as a range of informative displays of heritage projects where the innovative lime based insulation was used.

Following this is was time for a well-earned break for lunch to sample some of the delicacies of the Bau Fair, from pretzels for German sausages!



In the afternoon we visited DIASEN, the manufacturers of DIATHONITE EVOLUTION cork lime thermal plaster. Diasen’s stand featured a number of displays illustrating the application of the cork lime plaster and render onto solid walls. They also presented a large chunk of pure cork in its purest form.

Diasen have a number of exciting announcements to make in relation to their product range later this year, which we will inform our readers about once permission is given.

Another exciting announcement from DIASEN is that the DIATHONITE EVOLUTION will now feature in the insulation library in the next iteration of WUFI PRO 6.2. In this way, hygrothermal modelling can be completed more accurately than ever before giving specifiers and designers more confidence than ever before in the thermal and resilient moisture control properties of DIASEN cork lime thermal plasters for external or internal use.

This brought our first day to an end, after which we joined our friends from pro clima for dinner at a traditional german pub, Paulanar Am Mittel. Here we were treated to traditional german food and beer. A great way to bring such a hectic day to an end.

Diasen Exhibition BAU 2017

Day 2 kicked off with a visit to our colleagues in HECO. We supply HECO screws as part of our technical service for the application of GUTEX woodfibre boards on vented facades as well as roofs. Our engineers have received detailed training from HECO in the correct application and fixing calculations for their screws. HECO had a competition to see who can insert 3 HECO screws into a timber beam in the least time, the record been 5.5 seconds! Unfortunately, despite our best efforts none of the Ecological team came close to the record!


Following from this we visited our friends at ELKA, who manufacture our diffusion open alternative to OSB or Plywood boards, called ELKA STRONG BOARD (ESB). ELKA were delighted to have received Blue Angel certification for ESB which confirms its low emissions. It is for this reason that ELKA STRONG BOARD is the only structural board accepted by the healthy building standard Sentinel House.

Our final visit was to our friends at AURO paints. Ecological import and distribute the AURO range of natural paints to Ireland. AURO has pioneered the field of consistently ecological paints and related products since 1983. AURO’s paints, stains, oils, waxes, cleaning and care products are manufactured from natural materials, highly efficient and more sustainable than nearly all conventional products on the market. AURO presented their extended range of colours and finishes at the show. To view more details regarding AURO and the range of products we supply to the Irish market please Click Here 

After visiting AURO we made a final visit to say goodbye to our colleagues at pro clima, before making our way to the S-Bahn for our journey home.

As far as building exhibitions go, the Bau fair is one of kind, the length and breadth of which I have never seen. It was positive to see many familiar Irish and British colleagues at the show attending seminars and catching up on the latest developments in material technology. For more information about the Bau Fair, Simply Click Here.  We’re looking forward to the next Bau Fair already!

 Niall Crosson - Technical Engineer 

  By Niall Crosson, Technical Engineer, BTech, MEngSc, MIEI

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Posted on Monday, 23 January 2017
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