Ecological Jet off to Italy


Diasen Approved Specialist Applicator

The Ecological team travelled once again to DIASEN’s headquarters in Italy last week. We were delighted to have Dave Broderick of Db Plaster with us on our Approved Diasen Specialist Applicatortrip where he became an approved Diasen Specialist Applicator of their range of Thermal and decorative cork, lime-based plasters. It was also a great opportunity for members of our UK and Irish technical team to upskill in the field of DIASEN thermal plasters, and to sample some fine Italian dining.  But before we could sample some fine Italian dining we had to earn our keep.

Ecological Getting Hands On 

After putting on our protective overalls it was time to get our hands dirty. Our training began with practical demonstrations of how to apply the Diathonite Evolution plaster.  We were very impressed with the ease of application of the Diathonite Evolution cork lime thermal plaster and were introduced to a very efficient, small and relatively low-cost machine (PFT G4), which automatically mixes the Diathonite Evolution with the correct amount of water for application. Diathonite can be applied very easily using the PFT range of pumps which are affordable, small (easy to be carried in the back of a van) and “flexible” (can start-stop by turning the compressor on-off with minimum material and labour wastage)


We learnt a few installation hints for making the application of the Diathonite Evolution thermal plaster easier, such as the use of thin metal strips, which act as temporary studs to ensure a level coat is applied. These can be removed after each layer has been applied, and infilled with Diathonite Evolution at a later stage.

Following the application of DIATHONITE EVOLUTION, we applied a range of Diasen’s lime based smoothing plasters, ARGACEM MP and ARGACEM ULTRAFINE. After this, we installed a selection of DIASENS pre-tinted cork renders, both with a trowel and a DS spray gun. We were very impressed by the speed and ease of application and the beautiful texture and the finished product.

Italian Cuisine & Culture 

After a hearty lunch, it was back to training and a run through the latest technical innovations by DIASEN.

That night we visited the fabulous hotel, Marchese del Grillo in nearby Fabriano. Here we DIASEN treated us to some fine Italian dining and a tour of this historic building which included one of the largest wine cellars in Italy. We were shown a wine bottle dating from 1795! Of course, I didn’t dare handle it! 

The next morning Diasen brought us on a tour of the Diasen Research and Development facility, which is located a few kilometres from the main Diasen Head Office and Production facility. 


Diasen Laboratory

We were very impressed with the amount of testing equipment in the Diasen laboratory.  They have a heat flow lambda meter, accelerated ageing testing machine and also apparatus designed to measure compressive strength of the finished product.  The heat flow meter allows Diasen to assess and then make a declared lambda value (working in conjunction with approved EU notified body laboratories).  The accelerated testing equipment allows Diasen to test their products under severe conditions of moisture, temperature and also UV light exposure, in order to assess the longevity of their products in real life situations.

Diasen uses this laboratory to develop and test the properties of new prototype products, but also to perform quality control analysis of finished products.  We were shown how production samples are prepared into test specimens and then tested in accordance with relevant EU test methods.  Diasen also works closely with a variety of EU member state approved notified laboratories who also test samples manufactured by Diasen to confirm ongoing product quality and conformance with relevant EU standards.

In the laboratory, we were shown practical demonstrations in the application of a range of Diasen products, such as the ‘Watstop’ liquid tanking membrane and a variety of primer products.

We were treated to a very impressive demonstration of DIASEN’s siloxane impregnation BKK ECO. This is an important treatment to reduce the absorptivity of exposed brick or stone, especially prior to applying internal insulation on solid walls.

The visit confirmed the high quality of the Diasen range of products and also the highly professional nature of the company. Diasen are a family company and treated us like one of their family on our trip and spoiled us with the most delicious Italian food, wine and coffee of course. We look forward to out next training event!




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Posted on Wednesday, 8 March 2017
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