Meet the nZEB Requirements with Ecological's New Training Course

nZEB Training Course

Date: 14th March 2018

Venue: Ecological Building Systems, Main Street, Athboy, Co.Meath

Cost: €95pp

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Why Attend?

This course will equip participants with the right tools to build a high-performance nZEB building using more natural materials for a healthier living environment.

What Does nZEB Mean?

Arising from the recast European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) 2010/30/EU, from the 1st of January 2020 every new building has to be designed to nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) standards. A more onerous timeline is required for all buildings acquired by public bodies where compliance with nZEB is required by 31st of December 2018.  This means that any building completed after 31st December 2020 must achieve the nZEB standard irrespective of when they were started. Therefore, a certificate of compliance with Building Regulations cannot be signed off and the building cannot be occupied until the nZEB standard is met.

Meeting these requirements presents many challenges. Ecological Building Systems vast experience in supplying specifiers and building professionals with guidance and training in the design of high-performance low energy building has never been more relevant

Following from the success of both the award-winning Passive Eco-Wall concept and their range of SEAI award winning low energy training courses, Ecological Building Systems are pleased to announce their new “Ecobuild 2 nZEB” one day course.

What Does the Course Cover?

This workshop will provide step by step instructions in relation to building and detailing using ecological materials drawing from Passive House principals to meet nZEB standards and ensure a healthy home for life. Niall Crosson, Group Technical Manager with Ecological Building Systems states, “As the construction industry and building regulations are evolving so rapidly and moving to nZEB, now is the time to gain the knowledge on how to meet these high levels of building performance. Limiting thermal bridging, increased airtightness combined with robust ventilation strategies and a move to renewables are just a number of the crucial elements in meeting nZEB. Ecological Building Systems have prioritised these principles since the company’s inception almost 2 decades ago and we are perfectly placed to impart our knowledge to building professionals at this critical time.

The course will comprise of 3 parts focused on a virtual building model. It will focus on design considerations including an introduction to DesignPH and PHPP, Part L compliance & DEAP assessments. The course will also provide an overview of Passive House certification and the recently launched Home Performance Index HPI certification. The course will also investigate the Insulated fabric in detail while examining a range of assembly options for walls and roofs. Participants will be challenged with solving some thermal bridge free details. Foundation Junctions, Roof Eaves, Window installations and door thresholds will also be examined.
To end, the course focuses on the topic of Airtightness & Ventilation in new constructions, followed by a tour of Ecological’s Centre of Knowledge

On completion of the course each participant will receive a certificate of attendance and unlimited access to an online Knowledge platform which will include:

  •          Construction details in cad & pdf,
  •          Junction thermal bridge assessment,
  •          Build-desk U-value calculations in pdf,
  •          A pre-completed DEAP assessment file,
  •          A preliminary PHPP file for the model house,
  •          Sketch file & plans for the model house,
  •          Passive Eco-Wall & Eco-Roof Details  

Further information is available by contacting us on or phone 046 9432104.


Posted on Tuesday, 6 February 2018
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