Time moves fast, Keep up with design best practice

You probably can’t remember a time when you weren’t mad busy and, while it’s great to have so much going on, the pace of working in the construction sector can make it difficult to step back and invest time in professional development. Perfect airtight seal seminar tour

If you’re an architect, continuing professional development is embedded in your role to stay up-to-speed with the latest building materials, construction techniques and architectural best practice. Unlike a whole-day seminar, a brief talk or online CPD does not provide the same opportunities to invest in learning or fully engage with peers and experts.

For others interested in building materials and design innovation (building engineers, Passivhaus designers, surveyors, building control officers, planners, contractors, self-builders and specialist consultants), investing time in CPD learning may not be a mandatory requirement, but it carries enormous value.

At Ecological Building Systems, we know the value of a whole day seminar for busy professionals like you. And thanks to the feedback we’ve had from previous events like “CLT Masterclass”, we are now rolling out an ambitious programme of five full-day seminars to be held in Swindon, London, Belfast, Glasgow and Birmingham. The events will bring together a range of experts and guest speakers to talk about optimising energy efficiency with the building fabric, avoiding structural damage through improved specification and creating a healthier built environment.

A full outline of all five events, inspired by the success of pro clima Intello Plus in gaining BBA certification, can be found at https://www.intellosealofapproval.com/. The events will provide a chance to meet globally-renowned airtightness experts, get your questions answered, see product demonstrations and enjoy lively round table discussions. You’ll come away feeling inspired and knowledgeable with six structured CPD points.

Time moves fast but so does design best practice. The challenge is not to find more time but to use the time we have more effectively.

Posted on Wednesday, 25 July 2018
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