Diathonite Screed

Product Description

What is Diathonite Screed?

Diathonite Screed is the premixed thermal screed based on cork, suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of floors and roofs. A lightweight but resistant solution, suitable both for internal and external application, even in low thickness. An eco-friendly product made of natural raw materials like cork.

Application fields

  1. Floor slab-on-grade
  2. Floors of non-heated rooms
  3. Suspended Slab
  4. Terraces & balconies
  5. Attic floor
  6. Flat or pitched roof

Product Features 

  1. Components: One-component
  2. Thermal Conductivity: 0.060 W/mK.
  3. Breathability: μ=4
  4. Resistance to compression > 5.0 N/mm2
  5. Fire reaction: class A1

Case Study - Insulating Walls & Floors of Stone Buildings - Click Here

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Technical Detail

What are the benefits of Diathonite Screed?

  • Insulation against cold and warmth.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Fire reaction class A1.
  • A lightweight product, suitable for renovations.
  • Ready to use.
  • Fiber reinforced.
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor.
  • Suitable to drown piping.