Tescon Profect

Product Description

Pre-folded corner tap to stick: vapour retarding and air proofing layers consisting of membranes and wood-based panels (e.g. OSB) one below the other, roof lining, sarking and wall lining membranes one below the other, connections to adjacent structural elements such as windows, doors etc. internally and externally

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Technical Detail



Special fleece made of PP


Acrylate dispersion adhesive

Release Film

Silicone-coated PE film 




Light Blue



UV Stability and Outdoor Exposure

3 months

Application Temperature

from -10 °C / 14 °F

Application Resistance

from -40 °C / -40 °F to +90 °C / 94°F


Cool and dry 



  • Be­fore bond­ing, the sub­strate sur­face should be swept clean with a broom or wiped with a cloth. 

  • Bond­ing to frozen sur­faces is not pos­sible. The sub­strate ma­ter­i­al must be free of wa­ter-re­pel­lent sub­stances (e.g. grease or sil­ic­one). Sub­strates must of­fer suf­fi­cient load-bear­ing ca­pa­city.

  • Per­man­ent ad­he­sion to all pro clima mem­branes (va­pour-re­tard­ing and air­tight­ness mem­branes, trickle pro­tec­tion mem­branes and roof lin­ing, sark­ing and wall lin­ing mem­branes) and PE, PA, PP alu­mini­um films for cre­at­ing air­tight­ness or windtight­ness.

  • Bond­ing is also pos­sible with planed and painted wood, high dens­ity plastic and met­al (e.g. pipes, win­dows etc.), hard­board (chip­board, OSB and ven­eer ply­wood, MDF board and soft­wood fibre sub-roof pan­els).

  • Pre-treat wood fibre sub-roof pan­els with TESCON PRIMER RP. Con­crete or plaster sub­sur­faces must not be sandy or crum­bling.

  • The best res­ults for the safety of the struc­ture can be achieved on high-qual­ity sub­strates.

  • You are re­spons­ible for check­ing the suit­ab­il­ity of the sub­strate.

  • Ad­he­sion tests are re­com­men­ded.

Data Sheets

TESCON PROFECT Datasheet TESCON PROFECT Datasheet Technical Data Sheet