Product Description

ROFLEX SOLIDO is a plaster-able airtightness EPDM grommet which features full contact solid acrylic adhesive.

Application Area


Pipe penetrations through masonry walls often lead to considerable air leakage. ROFLEX SOLIDO can be bonded directly to masonry walls and is suitable for internal or internal applications. Even when pipes are pushed or pulled at a later stage, an airtight and weathertight seal is still retained.
The new ROFLEX SOLIDO grommets are supplied with the SOLIDO EXO fleece tape applied.

Product Dimensions 

The ROFLEX SOLIDO will be available in packs of 2 and packs of 10, to suit the following pipe diameters;

  • ROFLEX SOLIDO 50 - pipes of between 50-90mm
  • ROFLEX SOLIDO 100 - pipes of between 100-120mm
  • ROFLEX SOLIDO 150 - pipes of between 120-170mm
  • ROFLEX SOLIDO 200 - pipes of between 170-220mm

This means the grommet is suitable for internal and external use. Where used internal, the typical plaster finish is sand cement plaster/ parging.
The ROFLEX SOLIDO is heat resistant up to 90 °c.
The ROFLEX SOLIDO can be exposed to external UV for up to 3 months.

Benefits of Roflex Solido

In the past pipe penetrations in masonry could be sealed in several ways, one where strips of the SOLIDO tape are applied around the pipe/ duct, or alternatively applying the standard EPDM ROFLEX grommets and fixing a plaster-able mesh over this.
The new ROFLEX SOLIDO grommets make for a much simpler quicker installation and robust airtight seal.
As with all the SOLIDO tapes we would recommend that the surface to be adhered to should be clean, dry and primed using TESCON PRIMER RP to ensure adequate adhesion.

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Data Sheets

ROFLEX SOLIDO Data SheetROFLEX SOLIDO Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet