pro clima TESCON TANGO

Product Description

  • TESCON TANGO is a self-adhesive patch made with TESCON adhesive tape for interior and exterior corners for sealing in indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Like all other TESCON tape the TESCON TANGO contains waterproof SOLID ACRYLIC adhesive.

  • The TESCON TANGO is particularly useful for use in maintaining airtightness when sealing in tight right angled corners.

  • The TESCON TANGO can be easily cut and adapted to suit a variety of corner sealing situations including window, door and skylight connections to both internal and external air and wind barriers.

  • The TESCON TANGO can be exposed to UV for up to 6 months
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Data Sheets

TESCON TANGO Data SheetTESCON TANGO Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet