pro clima Tescon Sprimer

Product Description

Ecological Building Systems are delighted to launch pro clima TESCON SPRIMER to the pro clima range of products for 2018.  This new airtightness solutions expand pro clima’s market leading range of high quality sealing systems for inside and out


TESCON SPRIMER is a Sprayable Primer for wood, wood-fibre boards, masonry, roofs, walls and ground slabs. After the Sprimer has been applied pro clima adhesive tapes such as TESCON VANA, CONTEGA SOLIDO & the EXTOSEAL range can be applied.

Benefits of Tescon Sprimer

  • TESCON SPRIMER is easy to apply and saves installers precious time on site. TESCON SPRIMER most importantly secures bonds, it penetrates deep and strengthens dusty substrates or surfaces with insufficient loadbearing capacity

  • TESCON SPRIMER is particularly useful when working at heights on a ladder for example. Where it may not be practical to hold both the 1L bottle of TESCON PRMER RP along with a brush in order to apply the primer then the hand held SPRIMER option is a good solution. 

  • The other advantage is that there is less wastage of accessories than would be the case with the TESCON PRIMER RP where for instance if applied by brush, once the application had been completed the brush having hardened may not be in a useable state and may have to be discarded.
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Data Sheets

TESCON SPRIMER Data SheetTESCON SPRIMER Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet