AURO Clay Paint Scoop Award at Architecture & Building Expo

We were delighted our newly launched High-Grade Clay Paint receieved an award at the recent Architecture & Building Expo held in the RDS, Dublin.  This event brings together the country’s leading architects, architectural technologists, industry professionals and specifiers.  AURO High-Grade Clay Paint won the renewable catagory thanks to its transparency of ingredients and chemical free nature.  It is the first ready-to-use paint on the market that has no preservatives.

What makes AURO Clay Paint different to conventional paints?

Most domestic paints contain methylisothiazolinone and/or other related preservatives, typically benzothiazolinone. AURO have successfully developed a paint without these preservatives. Individuals suffering with allergies is becoming increasingly common in Ireland, therefore the introduction of a paint without these potential triggers is welcomed. 

Where can AURO Clay Paint be used?

AURO Clay Paint is an internal dispersion wall paint suitable for all interior surfaces.  It is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms because the binding agent REPLEBIN® makes it very resistant against spray water.  Clay Paint is especially suitable for lime plaster, older properties and buildings that may have suffered from damp problems, as well as over painting pre-existing paintwork.  AURO Clay Paint can be applied on mineral and organic bases, e.g. wallpaper, plaster, clay, concrete, sand-lime brick, gypsum plaster boards.

AURO Clay Paint - Award

What are the benefits of using AURO Clay Paint? 

AURO Clay paint has a moisture regulating effect and is open to water vapour diffusion and highly breathable. It has very low emissions and covers exceptionally well. It’s free from chemicals, oils and plastics, it is a water-based, breathable emulsion suitable for walls and ceilings.  The high clay content gives AURO Claypaint a creamy consistency and results in a matt finish. It is very easy to work with and its high clay content means very little dripping or splatter when being applied.  AURO only use raw materials which are chosen in an environmentally compatible way. The ingredients come from mineral or organic sources, so any excess paint can be added to the compost and returned to the natural lifecycle. No synthetic materials are used in the Clay Paint.



Paul McGovern (AURO Techncial Specialist) comments "To recieve this award by industry professionals is a great endorsement for AURO Clay Paint.  It highlights the growing acceptance and benefits of incorporting more natural breathable materials in retrofits and new builds. 

Posted on Friday, 9 November 2018
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