GUTEX Thermofibre

Product Description

GUTEX Thermofibre is a loose-fill wood fibre insulation for blow-in installation in vertical or horizontal cavities and horizontal unenclosed spaces.  Manufactured exclusively from Black Forest spruce and fir, GUTEX Thermofibre is 100% loose wood fibre.  Due to its composition, it has a low thermal conductivity which means it provides excellent protection against heat loss in winter, cutting energy use and saving money.  Thanks to it's loose-fill composition, GUTEX Thermofibre takes the shape of any space it fills, providing a perfect fit regardless of the cavity or space's size or shape.  

– Between stud insulation in timber frame, post and beam interior and exterior wall structures
– Between rafter insulation
– Ceiling insulation
– Partitions/ drywall structures

– Inherent elasticity makes it extremely form-adaptable
– Retains its blown-in form
– Resistant against settling at fill density of 29 kg/m3 and greater
– Consistent high-quality of the wood fibre
– Provides excellent thermal insulation
– Provides outstanding insulation against heat in the summer and cold in winter.
– Improves acoustic insulation
– Quick and easy installation
– Regulates humidity
– Water vapour diffusion permeable
– Wood is a sustainable, recyclable natural resource
– Biologically harmless!

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