Hemp Insulation

Product Description

Thermo-Hemp is a natural insulation material manufactured from hemp by THERMO NATUR in Bavaria, Germany.  Hemp grows up to a height of nearly 4 metres within a period of 100-120 days. Because the plants shade the soil, no chemical protection or toxic additives are required for hemp cultivation. As well as having low embodied energy during manufacture, hemp is carbon negative as it locks in carbon during its growth.

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Technical Detail

Delivery form batts or rolls (only batts stocked in the UK and Ireland).
Thickness (mm) 40/50/60/80/100/140/200
Length x width (mm) 580 x 1200/375 x 1200
Bulk density (kg/m3) 38
Components 82-85% hemp fibres, 10-15% bi-component fibres, 3-5% soda for fireproofing
Thermal conductivity D(W/mK) 0.04
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance Coefficient 1 - 2.
Length Related Flow Resistance 6.0 kPa.s/m2.
Maximum Processing Temperature 120C.
Sensitivity to mould fungus (according to EN 1SO 856): No mould fungus growth identifiable.
production process Dry
European Technical Approval AbZ No. Z23.16-1577
Specific Thermal Capacity 2300 J/(kg.K).
Usage Interior only


Thermo Hemp DOP

Thermo Hemp Natural Insulation DOP

Data Sheets

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