Internal Wall Lining

What is CELENIT?Celenit Wood Wool Boards

CELENIT panels are solely made of natural materials including wood, Portland cement, marble dust & water.  CELENIT panels can be defined as natural and sustainable insulators.  The wood comes from sustainable forests (PEFC certified) and the production process has low carbon emissions (ANAB-ICEA certified).  Recycled materials such as calcium carbonate (a by-product of marble processing).  Finally, raw materials used are sourced from beside the production facilities.  CELENIT panels are made up of 65% long and resistant fir fibre and 35% mineral binders, mainly Portland cement and marble dust. 

Acoustic & Design

Limit the reverb (echo) of crowded public places such as restaurants, bars, sports facilities, schools or multipurpose rooms.  The functional performance, the absorption of sound waves, can be provided by materials which, thanks to the material shape, size and colour, also lend themselves to providing sophisticated interior design solutions.

CELENIT panels can be classified as natural sound absorbers as they dissipate sound energy through their cellular structure by progressively reducing its energy, which is converted into heat.  CELENIT panels offer a high degree of sound absorption in particular at higher frequencies which are the most common, while for the lower ones is useful to include a layer of mineral wool in the cavity, or using composite panels with two layers of wool rock

Additional features provided by CELENIT panels:

• The thermal inertia, breathability, the ability to absorb excess moisture guarantee a high degree of environmental comfort

• The non-emission of smoke and toxic gases and the absolute safety in case of fire make it a safe material and resistant to fire;

• Dimensional stability even with very high humidity, robustness, compactness, unlimited life make it suitable for demanding applications such as swimming pools, gyms, schools, industrial buildings.



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