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Complete and extend your ventilation and extraction system with our range of intuitive accessories that offer full indoor climate control.

Our range of ventilation and extraction accessories assist and facilitate the control, maintenance and monitoring of units and systems.

Our accessories for ventilation and extraction systems aid with the performance and maintenance of the system. Sensors and indicators that signal when filters need to be changed help to keep the system working at the optimum level, and help to avoid and identify faults developing.

Our range includes control panels, that allow for ventilation or extraction level management, as well as providing boost and pause functionalities to deal with different weather conditions, indoor climates, and the different needs of different rooms.

With modern, clean designs, our range of accessories are intended to be as unobtrusive as possible, and blend into the décor whilst providing high level control of the indoor climate.

For a fully controllable ventilation and extraction system, our accessories deliver additional functionalities and extensions to your system.

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