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Make sure you’ve got all the screws and fixings you need to effectively install your insulation and other features. Our range of screws and fixings are all high-quality and durable, ensuring your construction stands the test of time.

While choosing the right insulation product is very important in order to provide the properties you require, selecting the correct fixings is equally as essential. The correct fixings mean that your insulation products can perform at their highest level and that the likelihood of your insulation needing to be replaced or re-installed earlier than expected is reduced.

Our range of screws and fixings are specifically designed to work with our insulation materials, to ensure that your home or building maintains excellent insulation properties. We source our fixings to ensure excellent performance and sustainable manufacture, so you can be sure that even the smallest elements of your construction are ecologically friendly.

It can be complex to work out the number of fixings required, the optimal spacing, and the best angle of insertion for screws. Our technical team can provide a screw calculation service to ensure that your wood fibre boards have the correct fixing detail, and will stay in place as long as you need them.

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