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Attics can be cold and humid places, and surprising amounts of heat can be lost over the winter months if attic hatches are not properly sealed for airtightness. With our range of attic hatches, you can make your property a more energy efficient, ecologically friendly place.

We supply insulated attic hatches that have been tested to stringent standards including Passivhaus certification, and offer the highest level of airtightness, ensuring that your energy usage is not affected due to a poor fitting or draughty attic hatch. To achieve this, the design creates an effective seal that has been tested against aging, which is maintained by means of a pre-stressed spring which ensures the door remains airtight.

It is also important to ensure that the frame around the attic hatch is sufficiently sealed for airtightness, as well as the hatch door itself. Our attic hatches include an independent airtightness sealing system, which seals the frame to the surrounding timber joists, noggins or adjacent airtightness and vapour control layers.

We supply attic hatches that are available with or without attached ladders, and come with insulation and a sealing system for the door and surrounding frame.