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  1. Insulation & Materials

Insulation & Materials

Our range of natural insulations and ecological building supplies are all responsibly sourced and made from natural, healthy and effective materials.

In order to maintain an environmentally conscious home or building, ensuring you install effective insulation is important, as it helps to reduce energy wastage and contributes to a healthier, more comfortable and pleasant places to live and work.

Our natural insulations are made from materials that are naturally disposed to provide effective protection against the cold in winter and heat in summer, whilst also being breathable and excellent for regulating humidity, therefore reducing the risk of damp and mould. 

The natural and recycled materials that make up our insulation and building supplies also mean that buildings constructed using these products are healthier places, not just due to the effective performance aspects such as breathability and humidity control, but also due to improved air quality compared to synthetic materials which may release chemicals via off-gassing.

Our range includes natural insulations in a variety of forms, including insulation boards, flexible insulation and products designed to insulate solid walls such as stone, brick or masonry. We also supply products with excellent waterproofing and hydro-repellent qualities, plasters and screeds made from natural materials, all-natural paints, structural boards and products designed to control the acoustics of a space.