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Our range of structural boards provide a variety of benefits, including improved airtightness, vapour control, natural humidity regulation and fulfilment of structural requirements.

Our structural boards are developed to incorporate natural materials and sustainable manufacture. Many of the products in our range contain recycled timber, and FSC/PEFC timber. Their natural materials make them a more sustainable, healthier alternative to more traditionally used structural boards such as OSB, meaning they’re a perfect solution for environmentally conscious construction.

When compared to OSB3 structural boards, our structural boards made from natural materials pose a significantly reduced risk of swelling in humid and wet climates – critical for construction based in Britain and Ireland.

By incorporating natural materials into every part of a construction, you can ensure that houses and workplaces are healthier, more comfortable and pleasant places to live and work. This is due to the reduction in synthetic particles and irritants present in the building materials; many building materials emit these pollutants over time, reducing the air quality in our homes or workplace. Our structural boards come with full environmental product declarations, and low VOC emissions, meaning a healthier indoor climate.

Non-synthetic materials also benefit from natural breathability and vapour management properties. Our structural boards offer excellent vapour control, with Elka Strong Board being 5 times more vapour open than OSB3 or plywood.

The high-quality nature of our structural boards means that they provide a durable, strong and reliable solution for construction, with added benefits for creating low emission, low energy, low wastage buildings. They benefit from high performance features including breathability and vapour control, as well as airtightness and humidity regulation, reducing the risk of condensation which can lead to mould development and damp.

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