Ecological Building Systems

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Pipes and cables that pass through the exterior walls of your building create a break in your airtight layer.

In order to ensure airtightness and windtightness throughout a property, every opportunity for air and cold to make its way into the building, and for warmth to escape, needs to be sealed.   This includes openings in the fabric of the building that allow cables and pipes to pass from the interior to the exterior of the property. Sealing tapes and grommets provide a seal for these openings, ensuring the airtightness of your building is maintained.

Our range of grommets and sealing tape provide strong, durable seals around extruding pipes or cables, maintaining the airtightness of your building.

Grommets are ideal for pipes and cabling, and create strong seals that can withstand changes in temperature and harsh weather conditions. For extruding items that are unusually shaped, our sealing tapes can provide a robust seal with a strong bond to mineral materials.

We supply products that are suitable for any project, whether new build or retrofit, and options to suit different sizes of pipes and cables, as well as products able to work at high temperatures for hot water pipes or flues.