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  1. Airtight & Windtight Systems

Airtight & Windtight Systems

Our airtight and windtight systems offer a solution to draughts, uneven temperatures and the risk of the build-up of mould and damp.

Airtightness is essential for maximising the effectiveness of insulation, and when coupled with ventilation systems creates a pleasant environment with an even temperature and low energy usage throughout.

Making a building fully airtight and windtight means ensuring there is an unbroken seal around the entirety of the building envelope, meaning that no draughts or cold air pockets are possible in the interior of the building. This includes ensuring windows and doors, and openings for pipes or cables are fully sealed.

A building that is fully airtight and windtight is a building that has improved energy efficiency, is a comfortable place to live and work, and is quieter and more acoustically controllable. Ensuring a building is fully airtight and windtight is also a requirement for a building to meet Passivhaus, Low Energy Building and Near Zero Energy Building standards.

The Pro Clima range of airtight and windtight system products is one of the most effective on the market, providing sealants, tapes, vapour checks and grommets to ensure a fully airtight seal around the entire building envelope, no matter what the building type – whether timber framed, masonry, or metal framed.

Our range of products include a number of options to suit the needs of your project, and our team are on hand to advise on the best solution for your airtight and windtight systems.

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