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Ensuring your construction remains free of water damage and damp requires specialist materials to provide high performance waterproofing and protect your property from moisture.

The waterproofing and hydro-repellents in our range are coatings that can be applied either internally or externally to prevent water infiltration. They improve a building’s ability to withstand the weather, reduce the risk of mould or damp forming and protect your property from the risk of other water related damage.

Our range includes products suitable for different surfaces, including smooth, non-porous materials such as metal, as well as products that work with masonry, timber and concrete. They create a great base for primers, paints and other coatings, and improve the thermal insulation of a building due to their ability to stop moisture from being absorbed externally, whilst still being breathable.

Waterproofing should not affect the moisture regulation of a property, as this can cause internal humidity to form condensation and mould. Our products, though designed to provide waterproofing properties, are still breathable, meaning humidity regulation does not suffer for waterproofing or hydro repellence.

All of our products are easy to apply, and our team are on call to answer any questions you have about suitability and application.

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