Ecological Building Systems

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Our range of sealants and adhesives allows for the effective installation of airtight and windtight systems, ensuring your building is energy efficient, consistent in temperature and ecologically friendly.

Our airtight sealants are available in applications that can either be sprayed or applied using a brush or roller. Our range includes products that feature humidity-variable vapour resistance, meaning the risk of condensation which can lead to damp and mould is reduced, while still providing protection from draughts and vapours.

It is important that airtight sealants have flexibility and elasticity, so that they do not harden or become brittle, as this increases the risk of them breaking should they encounter differential movement.

Our solid acrylic adhesives are designed to provide a strong bond between building materials and vapour checks, membranes and aluminium foils, regardless of how smooth, rough or uneven the substrate is. They also provide elasticity in order to provide durability and last the lifetime of the building.

Our sealants and adhesives are tested for their ability to provide robust airtight solutions and have been specially selected due to their quality and compatibility with the membranes, vapour checks and other airtight and windtight products we stock.