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Our range of single room ventilation systems with heat recovery provides airflow and humidity control for airtight and windtight buildings without compromising on temperature or energy efficiency.

Providing ventilation in airtight and windtight buildings is essential for humidity control and air flow. Without it, airtight buildings risk developing high levels of humidity, which can lead to condensations and mould formation. However, ventilation does not have to necessitate a compromise with temperature or loss of heating.

Designed and built to the highest quality using market leading expertise, our range of Inventer heat recovery single room ventilation systems use a ceramic core to minimise temperature loss through ventilation and maximise energy efficiency, while ensuring fresh, clean air is able to circulate inside.

Ceramic’s natural ability to accumulate heat means that when air is being circulated by the system, warmth from the internal stale air is stored and released back into the room with the incoming fresh filtered outside air. This system requires very little energy input and provides increased efficiency.

Our range of single room ventilation system products includes units with extra sound insulation to ensure that effective ventilation does not mean a noisier indoor environment. Closable inner covers and low volume operation means that effective heat recover ventilation can be achieved without disrupting indoor sound levels.

Our range of ventilation products with heat recovery includes other features such as: sensors that provide on-demand ventilation depending on CO₂ levels, humidity and VOCs; protection against frost and strong wind pressure; filtering to defend against pollen, dust, odours, and pollutants from outside; and exceptionally low running costs.

Installing our ventilation with heat recovery products, ensures a healthy, fresh, and energy efficient space. It is a great way to protect your building and its occupants from the risks associated with condensation and mould.

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