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Our range of membranes allow you to create fully airtight and windtight structures, that are protected not only from draughts, uneven temperatures and damp, but also from potential damage caused by the wind and rain.

To ensure a fully airtight building, an effective vapour check membrane is essential. The membrane ensures that the building’s thermal performance is maintained, as well as protecting the building from damaging vapour build-up. Some of the membranes in our range are humidity variable, offering extra security for the home by adapting to the seasonal changes in the climate.

Our external membranes are designed to offer extreme protection from strong winds and driving rain, providing windtightness in buildings. This maximises the thermal performance of the building, helping to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, while protecting the structure from water and damp from the outside. By providing a windtight seal, external membranes work to regulate humidity within the building, maintaining a pleasant environment and reducing the risk of condensation.

Our range of airtight and windtight membranes includes products to suit any project – from new build to retrofit. We supply membranes suitable for walls, roofs and floors, and offer a wide range of materials to suit your budget and performance specifications.