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Our range of natural acoustic insulation solutions provide excellent sound dampening qualities, allowing you to control the acoustics of a space whilst also providing thermal insulation benefits.

Our acoustic insulation solutions provide a more peaceful living or working space, as they allow you to minimise the transference of noise from room to room and quieten sounds from outside. They also allow you to control the acoustics of larger spaces by dampening sounds so that echoes or bouncing sound is reduced.

Our range includes products that can be used not only to provide excellent acoustic insulation but can also be used as a base for plastering and products that are suitable for installation in different situations, for example walls, floors, ceiling and roofs.

By choosing products that are made from natural and recycled materials, you can be sure that your building is a pleasant and comfortable place, due to the lack of synthetic materials containing toxins and chemicals that can be emitted into the air. Not only this, but the use of natural and sustainable materials means that your construction project can be greener, more environmentally conscious.

Our range contains different options including acoustic insulation plaster, panels and boards depending on your specific project, and our team are on hand to advise on selecting the most appropriate solution for you.

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