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Using insulation boards to insulate your home offers numerous benefits, including equal or better thermal properties to other forms of insulation, at a reduced thickness.

Due to the solid nature of insulation boards, they’re straightforward to install and provide a tight fit that reduces the risk of your heat escaping. Our range includes options that can provide a solid base for plastering, too.

The low thermal conductivity of the insulation boards allows for excellent protection from the cold in winter, and the specific heat capacity provides the best protection from the summer heat, meaning a comfortable indoor environment and reduced energy expenditure on running heating or cooling systems.

The natural water vapour permeable materials that comprise our thermal insulation boards allow for excellent humidity regulation, meaning that the risk of condensation build up and therefore mould formation is minimised.

Because all our insulation boards are made from natural, ecologically responsible materials, you can be sure of effective thermal value without the toxins and pollutants that synthetic materials have the potential to emit.

Materials such as woodfibre, wool, and calcium silicate ensure that the thermal insulation boards are safe to install, and within our range are products suitable for both new builds and retro-fitting in heritage or period properties.

Using natural materials guarantees a healthier home, with efficient energy usage and the peace of mind that your construction work is creating minimal impact on the environment. In fact, many of our products are carbon neutral, with some, such as Gutex woodfibre boards and the hemp with Thermo Hemp Coombi Jute, being carbon negative.

Our acoustic insulation boards work to reduce noise transfer from room to room, as well as providing thermal insulation, and our thermal bridging solutions provide natural, environmentally compatible ways to avoid thermal bridging in your property.

The products available in our insulation board range include materials to insulate your roof, walls and floor areas, acoustic insulation to provide sound dampening properties, and thermal bridge solutions.

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