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One of the most important products in creating an airtight seal for a building is the tape that forms and strengthens the seal. Our range of pro clima tapes are designed to last the lifetime of the building and are ideal for creating permanent airtight seals even in humid climate conditions like Ireland and the UK.

The most effective and durable airtight tapes are those that form a reliable bond and maintain a high level of flexibility without hardening or becoming brittle, to ensure it copes with differential movement. Our tapes are made with solid acrylic glue to make certain that they are waterproof, remain flexible, and can cope with both high and low temperatures during application and over the lifetime of the building.

Our range of airtight tapes and seals includes solutions for every conceivable airtight junction, no matter what the build, and they’re made to last as long as the building does, with our tapes Tescon Vana, No. 1 and Uni Tape being currently the only sealing tape yet to pass the Kassel Institute accelerated aging test for 100+ years airtightness performance.

Pro Clima products have been independently tested and approved by the Sentinel Haus Institute to meet their stringent standards for healthy buildings with good indoor air quality.