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Our ecologically conscious plasters and screeds deliver excellent design results, have thermal insulation properties, and are made from natural materials, meaning your property is free from toxins, synthetic materials and unnecessary chemicals.

Our range of eco plaster products not only ensures a smooth, level surface but also excellent versatility, meaning you can cover beautiful curves and features, and maintain the aesthetics of traditional and heritage buildings. They also provide thermal properties to help protect buildings from the heat in summer and the cold in winter as well as a mechanically strong base for walls and ceilings, ensuring excellent performance and great aesthetics.

A great option for providing extra insulation to solid walls internally or externally, our eco plaster products are made from natural materials proven to provide excellent insulation, including lime, cork, and clay. These natural materials in our eco plaster products also provide breathability and moisture management, to ensure that humidity is regulated and the development of moisture related issues such as condensation, damp and mould is minimised.

We stock a range of eco friendly plasters to meet different needs, from the Diasen range of insulating plasters and screeds to plasters for salt control, finishing plasters, and primers and mortars.

Our screed products provide a level flooring base made from natural materials, which provide excellent breathability and moisture regulation. They offer both thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a strong base for flooring to be laid on top.

We also stock structural mesh, primers and adhesive mortars, and a range of tools and accessories for easy and flawless application.

We are committed to providing materials that do not emit any harmful irritants or pollutants once installed. All of our environmentally friendly plasters and screeds are made from natural materials that provide excellent performance properties and are conducive to a healthy, comfortable, durable building.

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