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Flexible insulation systems provide excellent protection from the cold in winter, and keep interiors cool in the summer, ensuring your property is always a pleasant place to be, whatever the temperature outside.

We supply flexible eco insulation products in a variety of natural and recycled materials, including wool, woodfibre, hemp, jute and cellulose. Natural materials such as these have inherent thermal insulation properties and are very effective in providing insulation that is breathable and reduces the risk of condensation forming, which leads to damp and mould.

Our range of natural flexible thermal insulation products includes flexible mats made of hemp and jute fibres. Easily cut to size and featuring excellent insulation properties, our range of natural fibre insulation materials are ideal for a number of uses, including walls, suspended floors, and lofts.

Natural wool flexible insulation provides lightweight, safe, and easy to install thermal and acoustic insulation, suitable for a number of different applications.

Natural fibre eco insulations are also healthier, as they do not contain any kind of synthetic toxins or harmful composites. Often, insulation materials used in construction that do contain synthetic elements and chemicals can emit irritants and pollutants into the air over time, which has been proven to cause health issues including asthma and other respiratory problems. All-natural insulation materials do not do this, meaning the air quality in your property is likely to be cleaner and healthier.

Our range of natural flexible insulation products includes a variety of applications to suit your needs, including rolls, mats and blown-in insulation options. The range of natural insulation includes products that are best suited to insulating roofs, walls, floors, and lofts.

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