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When working towards a fully airtight building, every possible gap needs to be considered and sealed. When it comes to downlighting, fixtures can provide an opportunity for draughts, dust and moisture to make their way into the structure, so appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure these fixtures are fully sealed.

Our airtight downlighter housing products allow you to install ceiling lights and other electricals whilst still achieving an unbroken airtight seal in your property. When installed in top floor ceilings, the airtight downlighter housings stop moist, warm air from the building entering the attic space and condensing, which reduces the risk of mould forming and ensures effective and continuous vapour control is maintained throughout. Installed in intermediate floor ceilings, airtight downlight housings can prevent dust and spiders from entering. 

Our airtight downlighter housings also ensure unbroken insulation throughout. The rectangular shape of the housing is easier to cover with a gap-free layer of insulation when compared to more commonly found circular products. This means the risk of cold spots from poorly fitted insulation around the lights is minimised, as well as the chance for the top of the electrical housing to gather condensation and increase the potential danger of electrical fault or fire hazards.

Available in a range of sizes, our airtight downlighter housings are very simple to install using just airtight tape and grommets, meaning no specialist installation skills are required. The sides of the housing have blanked off holes that can be punched out for cables to pass through. 

All our products are made from recyclable materials.

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