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  1. Ventilation & Extraction

Ventilation & Extraction

Our range of ventilation and extraction systems ensure a healthy indoor climate via humidity regulation, improved air flow, and access to fresh, clean, air.

In modern airtight buildings, ventilation is essential for the natural flow of fresh and healthy air internally, which is vital for good health and wellbeing.

When it comes to airtight construction, we believe in “build tight and ventilate right”, and our range of ventilation and extraction solutions help you to achieve healthy air quality alongside stable humidity levels. This allows for control of the day-to-day comfort of the building, and effective minimisation of the risks associated with high humidity such as condensation and mould.

Our range of ventilation and extraction solutions includes: ventilation units with in-built heat recovery; extraction units suitable for high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens; as well as whisper-quiet models for environments such as bedrooms and living spaces.

We also stock controller systems that allow you to track operating hours, boost and pause functionality, and keep on top of maintenance schedules.

With modern design, easy maintenance and excellent results, our range of ventilation and extraction systems are perfect for ensuring that airtight and windtight buildings are not only ecologically sound, but healthy, pleasant, and comfortable places to live and work.

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