Wellhofer - Airtight Attic Access Hatch

Product Description

As part of our insulation and airtight range we are also delighted to bring you the Wellhofer attic hatch which is pre-insulated and pre-sealed for airtightness. Manufactured and engineered in Germany the unit has been tested to stringent DIN standards to comply with airtightness and insulation requirements. The Wellhofer hatch remains airtight even under blower door test conditions.

  • The gap between the door and the hatch is sealed with a rubber gasket.
  • This durable seal has been tested against ageing.
  • The Airtight sealing system ensures that no air leakage occurs between gap's at ceiling and frame. This is due to the double sided adhesive tape and Insulation strip.
  • The hatch door is supplied complete with insulation.

Product Stats

  • Wellhofer - Airtight Attic Access Hatch
  • Size 600 x 600mm
  • Fully Airtight
  • Overall U Value 1.0W/m2k
  • Tested according to EN 14975

Technical Detail




Standard Size

(size of ceiling opening in cms)







Finished Measurement

The finished measurement of the casing is 1.5 cm smaller in length and width than the ceiling.

Attic Ladder


Wellhofer Airtight Access Hatch description

Thermal protection

WS3D Blower-Door T Material:

Insulation 32 mm polyethylene-thermodeck, airtight sealing system for the gap between ceiling and casing: double faced adhesive tape and insulation braid

Test results:

Tested as complete constructional element: Insulation U=1,0 (DIN EN ISO 12567) Airtight sealing system a=0,02 (DIN EN 1026) Incl. WS installation kit (contains all the requiered materials) and the certified sealing system for airtight installation