Diathonite Screed Project

Diathonite Screed Project

Product Used: Diathonite Screed & Watstop

Location: Cumbria


Project Type:  Renovation

Screed Thickness Applied: 50mm

Existing Substrate: Cement

CASE STUDY - Insulating Walls & Floors of Stone Buildings


Why Diathonite Screed?

Diathonite screed is a cork based eco-friendly product and was chosen for this Cumbrian renovation for several reasons.  

1 - To provide additional insulation 

2 - Futureproof the lower level room - prone to flooding

3 - Eco - friendly characteristics

An additional benefit is that a room with Diathonite Screed will have a constant temperature even when heating is turned off. The temperature uniformity creates a feeling of thermal comfort inside the room

Watstop was applied 50mm up the existing sandstone wall and returned to the floor.  This 3 component epoxy cement waterproofing, creates an effective barrier against rising damp, avoiding any humidity related issues.  

The area where there was a deeper void (an existing staircase was taken out) was filled with aerated glass foam granulate insulation before applying the Diathonite Screed

Please note a mesh was placed over all pipes before the insulation was applied on top.

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