Calsitherm Board

Product Description

Historic and heritage buildings require a far more holistic approach to insulating to avoid degradation and damage, necessitating a need to balance energy efficiency with breathability and damp protection whilst most importantly maintaining the characteristics of the building and preserving the facade.

Calsitherm Climate Board is the perfect internal insulation solution for older buildings. Made from calcium silicate, a micro porous mineral building material with good insulating properties: its high capillary action ensures humidity regulation and the nature of the material means that mould cannot form on its surface.

Calsitherm Climate Board is a straight forward solution to internal insulation and building restoration. It is installed using special adhesive mortar and can be faced with a lime based plaster for an aesthetic and breathable surface finish. All the system components are available from Ecological Building Systems. Calsitherm Climate Board is non-flammable and is classed as A1.


  • Reduced heating costs
  • Easy to work with and install
  • Increased value of the restored building
  • Improvement of room climate
  • Custom profiles available
  • Interior insulation of existing buildings
  • Maintain brick-, stucco- and ornamental facades with additional thermal insulation
  • Effective utilization of the heating system when quickly heating interior rooms in public buildings,meeting rooms and offices
  • Humidity control and generation of a healthy room climate in hospitals and charitable institutions
  • Increase in comfort and mould damage prevention

Technical Detail

Approval ETA-08/0126
Dry Bulk Density 200 - 240 kg/m³
Compression Resistance  >1MPa
Measured Thermal Conductivity 0,059 W/mK
Vapour Diffusion Resistance factor  6
Porosity 90%
Building material class (DIN 4102) A1 Non Flammable
Environmental Product Declaration EPD-CSP-2008112-E
Length 1250mm
Width 500mm
Thickness 30mm and 50mm
Usage Interior only



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