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Redstone Calsitherm Climate Board Reinforcing Mesh

50m x 1000mm Roll

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I need m2 of Redstone Calsitherm Climate Board Reinforcing Mesh
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Product Overview

Main purpose

Prevention of cracking caused by movement and drying of the finishing plaster

Use it on

Calsitherm smoothing plaster


As with all plaster types and applications, a mesh provides additional strength to the plaster. All wall surfaces including those insulated with Calsitherm Climate Boards will need to be resistant to stresses from every day life such as impact and movement. When reinforcing mesh is embedded into the plaster the mechanical strength of the plaster is improved and damage from impacts or movement in the building is greatly reduced.

Where to use it

Calsitherm Reinforcing Mesh should be embedded between two layers of Calsitherm Smoothing Plaster

What it does

When embedded within plaster the fibreglass reinforcing mesh provides protection for the surface well into the future. 

How it works

The mesh provides mechanical strength and stability which improves the plaster’s ability to resist cracking from movement or impact.

Why we love it

It ensures a perfect long lasting finish is maintained on top of Calsitherm Climate Boards



  • Prevents surface imperfections
  • High strength yet lightweight
  • Easy to cut
  • Does not corrode


  • Mesh eliminates the likelihood of surface cracking.
  • Simplifies the overall installation of the Calsitherm system.
  • Easy to handle & apply, but robust enough not tear or rip during application.
  • Resistant to alkali so won’t lose strength, corrode or cause discolouration.


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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Technical Datasheet

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System Brochure

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Installation Guide

How to Install

Calsitherm Reinforcing Mesh must be embedded within Calsitherm Smoothing Plaster. It should be embedded between the first and second coat with each layer being up to 2mm thick.  

Cross section of a wall showing different layers of Calsitherm including mesh embedded between first and second coat of smoothing plaster.
Calsitherm mesh embedded between first and second coat of smoothing plaster.

Hints & Tips

The mesh should be applied immediately to wet plaster. The top coat of plaster should be applied once the previous layer (with the mesh on top) has lost its wet and shiny appearance.

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