Thermo Jute 100

Product Description

  • Thermo Jute is a flexible fibrous batt insulation manufactured using upcycled Jute bags from the food industry
  • Thermo Jute has excellent thermal storage capacity, significantly reducing overheating in summer months
  • Provides the ability to regulate indoor humidity due to its hygroscopic properties
  • This high-density insulation acts as an effective noise buffering material & contains no nutrient base for rodent & insect life
  • Thermo Jute is produced with the thermo-bonding process and 100% eco-electricity.

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Thermo Jute Natural Insulation

  • Extremely durable high-performance insulation 
  • Top insulation values with refrigeration and heat protection 
  • Excellent diffusion properties 
  • Uncomplicated fast installation, in the roof, walls and floors 
  • Easy installation in old and new buildings 
  • Full declaration of all ingredients 
  • Free of harmful ingredients 
  • Health friendly processing -> skin-friendly (no itching and scratching.) Harmless for respiratory 
  • No mould or mildew, top rating of "0" (according to EN ISO 846) 
  • Contains no proteins, no starch and no pests 
  • Active environmental protection through the use of renewable resources 
  • Easy disposal and recycling 
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Technical Detail

Delivery form batts
Thickness (mm) Stocks held of 40//100/140 (other sizes available please ask)
Length x width (mm) 580 x 1200/375 x 1200
Bulk density (kg/m3) 34-40
Components 85-90% Jute fibres, 8-10% bi-component PE-fibres, 3-5% soda for fireproofing
Thermal conductivity D(W/mK) 0.038
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance Coefficient 1 - 2.
Length Related Flow Resistance 3.4 kPa.s/m2.
Maximum Processing Temperature 120C.
Sensitivity to mould fungus (accoridng to EN 1SO 856): No mould fungus growth identifiable.
Production process Dry
European Technical Approval ETA-14/0479
Specific Thermal Capacity 2350 J/(kg.K).
Usage Interior only

Data Sheets

Thermo Jute BrochureThermo Jute BrochureGeneral Documents
Thermo Natur BrochureThermo Natur BrochureGeneral Documents