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Flimwell Workshops Flimwell Workshops Four workshops located in Yellowcoat Wood, Flimwell, East Sussex, have used More Detail
Ostro Passivhaus Ostro Passivhaus Paper Igloo's contemporary Timber Frame stick built home naturally delivers on aesthetics and performance More Detail
Kendals-first-Passivhaus Kendals-first-Passivhaus This project boasts one of UK’s best airtightness results More Detail
Sleek is smart and smart is Passivhaus Sleek is smart and smart is Passivhaus This house on Lansdowne Drive has become one of only five certified Passive Houses in London, it soon gained Passivhaus certification More Detail
Cottage Retrofit Using Thermal Plaster Cottage Retrofit Using Thermal Plaster A derelict Cumbrian Cottage is transformed into a desirable holiday retreat. Thermal Plaster tackles damp & Thermal Performance More Detail
Diathonite Screed Project Diathonite Screed Project Thermal upgrade using Diathonite Screed Case Study, this lightweight eco-friendly product is ideal for rennovations More Detail