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Q&A - What Should I Know About Breathable Paints?

Paul Mcgovern

By Paul Mcgovern

Monday 15th August 2022

Also in category: Healthy living, Mould prevention

When it comes to paint, the term 'breathable' means that moisture vapour can pass through to the surface with minimal restriction. Many conventional synthetic paints contain plastics such as acrylic, vinyl and latex which can limit the passage of moisture vapour or emit potentially harmful gases. Below, we take a look at some common questions regarding genuinely natural breathable paint.

Q&A - What Should I Know About Breathable Paints? Q&A - What Should I Know About Breathable Paints?

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    Blog author

    Paul Mcgovern

    Paul Mcgovern

    Purchasing & Sales Manager

    Paul is responsible for the Auro natural paints department and has over a decade of expertise  in the industry. Paul graduated from Athlone I.T with a BA in Management and previously worked in the paint sector for over 7 years in both Sales and Management, he has brought a great wealth of knowledge and experience with him when he arrived at Ecological in 2017. As the paint sector is rapidly evolving, Paul is at the forefront with regard to training, insights and awareness of sustainable products.

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