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Auro Worktop Oil 108
Auro Worktop Oil 108
Auro Worktop Oil 108

Auro Worktop Oil 108


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Product Overview

Main purpose

To protect the surface from water and dirt while still allowing the surface to breathe. To emphasise the woods natural grain patterns.

Use it on

Solid wood worktops, tables and counter tops


The Auro Worktop Oil is a clear breathable oil suitable for interior surfaces such as Counter tops, Worktops, and Tables. It is made from natural ingredients from renewable and mineral sources. It is solvent free, durable and washable. It produces a slightly honey hue. The Auro Worktop Oil does not contain any synthetic ingredients or solvents and is vegan friendly. It is long lasting and when eventually worn it can be very easily renovated by adding another thin layer of oil.

Where to use it

Auro Worktop oil 108 is a very popular choice for homes across Ireland. It can be used on counter tops, table tops and worktops. It is available in a 500ml tin. The oil can go directly onto bare timber. If the surface was previously oiled with another product, we recommend sanding it back to the bare wood and starting again. If sanding back is not an option, a test patch of Auro Worktop Oil 108 should be applied to check compatibility prior to carrying out the job.

What it does

Worktop Oil 108 provides an excellent hard wearing, long lasting protection which emphasises the wood’s natural grain. It gives your wooden surface the protection it needs with a slightly shiny finish (between matt and satin) and a slight honey colour hue.

How it works

This oil fills the open pores of the timber protecting it from dirt, grease and water while allowing the surface to breathe. It makes the wood easy to wipe clean. Auro Worktop Oil is made from purely natural oils so there are no harmful materials which make it perfectly suited for busy surfaces.

Why we Love it

The VOC Level of the Worktop Oil is ≤ 1 g/l which originate from the natural oils in the product. A level this low is VOC free.  This oil is certified as safe for use on toys (DIN EN 71 Part 3) and saliva and sweat proof (DIN 53160)

All ingredients are fully natural and listed on the tin so you can easily see that there are no harmful or hidden ingredients. This product is Vegan Friendly.

Hints and Tips

Brushes and other tools should be cleaned with Auro Thinner 191 and subsequently washed with water and Auro Plant soap 411.

Spread out all soiled cleaning cloths to dry or keep in a tightly closed tin can. Do not crumple them, because drying oils can ignite spontaneously. You can put dry cloths into household waste.

The Auro Dishwashing Liquid 473 is a great cleaner for counter tops and surfaces treated with this oil.

The surface can be easily revived by adding a thin layer of oil when any renovation is necessary.


  • Breathable Oil
  • Easy to Apply
  • Simple Renovation Process
  • Long term Durability
  • Certified Safe for Toys and Saliva and Sweat Proof
  • Transparency of Ingredients
  • Beautiful Finish
  • Paint is Compostable
  • Solvent Free


  • Allows the surface to breathe
  • Contributes to a good indoor air climate
  • Brush, roller, spatula or cloth application
  • Good coverage 22sq/m per Litre
  • Quick and easy renovation when needed by adding a thin layer of Worktop Oil
  • Saves time and money
  • Resists wear and tear to prolong renovation
  • Protects the wood from damage
  • Washable
  • Made from only natural oils
  • Transparency of ingredients 
  • All ingredients are compostable
  • Shows up the natural grain of the wood
  • Gives a slight honey colour with a slight shine
  • VOC Free


Can the worktop oil be used on a kitchen table?

Yes, it is a perfect product for this use. 

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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

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Installation Guide

It is very easy to apply by brush, roller, spatula or cloth. When applying any Auro oil,  the aim is to have all the wood’s pores filled with oil, so they are fully saturated. To improve absorption, the Auro Worktop Oil can be thinned with Auro Orange Oil 191 up to 20%. When applying the oil, it is important to wipe away any excess that has not been absorbed by the wood within 20-30 minutes. After 24 hours the process of applying and removing excess can be repeated until the wood is fully saturated. Generally, 2 coats are sufficient.  For very absorbent woods, you will see that all the oil has been quickly absorbed after the second application and therefore a further application will be needed. Full hardness is achieved after 4 weeks so it is important to treat the surface with care during this period.

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