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Auro Colours for Life Satin Paint
Auro Colours for Life Satin Paint
Auro Colours for Life Satin Paint Colours
Auro Colours for Life Satin Paint Colours
Auro Colours for Life Satin Paint Auro Colours for Life Satin Paint Colours

Auro Colours for Life Satin Paint 517

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Product Overview

Main purpose

Solvent-free coloured satin paint for use on wood and metal. 

Use it on

Interior and exterior hardwoods or softwoods, furniture, doors, skirting, architraves and all wood based materials. Use it on metal after priming with Auro Rust Protection Primer 519


This is the new updated and easier to apply, and quick drying version of the Auro Satin Paint 260. It is available in the 60 colours as displayed and also in white and other colours available upon request. The quick-drying paint does not yellow and achieves the best possible results for wet abrasion resistance and covering power according to DIN EN 13300. It fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 71-3 which is safe for toys and the DIN 53160 which guarantees sweat and saliva resistance.

Where to use it:

Auro Satin Paint 517 is a modern satin finish for use on interior and exterior wood and metal. Unlike most conventional paints this does not contain any harmful ingredients and does not release any harmful compounds into the home once applied. Commonly used on doors, architraves, skirting, wooden ceilings, furniture and children’s cots,. It is suitable for use on radiators. It is hard wearing, long lasting and an excellent choice for your home. It is washable with values according to EN 13300: Abrasion class 1 and opacity class 1.  It is available in 375ml, 750ml and 2.5 Litre tins.

What it does: 

The Auro Satin Paint 517 provides a colour and protection to your interior and exterior timber while allowing the surface to breathe. It is safe and easy to use and provides a very hard wearing washable surface, cleaning is best done either by using water alone or by adding some Auro Paint and Stain Cleaner 435 to the water.

How it works:

After painting allow to dry for at least 6 hours before adding the next coat. The drying process is initiated by oxygen uptake (oxidation) so it is vital that there is sufficient ventilation during the drying period. Avoid exposure to dirt and moisture while drying. 

Why we love it:

This Auro Paint does not yellow, produces an excellent finish and very easy to use, we love the range of colours and we especially love that it is child safe and suitable for use on children's cots. 


  • Breathable Paint
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Transparency of Ingredients
  • VOC free (<=1g/l)
  • Easy to Apply
  • Safe for Toys
  • Vegan


  • Wide range of colours now available.
  • Quick Drying 
  • Allows the Surface to Breathe
  • Does not yellow
  • Won’t flake
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Brush, roller or Spray application
  • Overcoatable after 6 hours
  • It can be used on Childrens Toys and Cots without any harmful effects Tested according to DIN EN 71, Part 3
  • Saliva- and perspiration-proof according to DIN 53160


Is this paint suitable for use on outside doors and windows?

Yes, this product is made to be used inside and outside. It is very hard wearing, easy to apply, gives excellent weather protection and it is breathable. It is an eco friendly paint which is also VOC free and non toxic. 

I don't see the colour I previously ordered here, where would I find it?

Yes, we have updated our colour chart to offer a more extensive range of colours from our standard collection. Please contact info@auropaints.ie to let us know what other colour you would like. All colours are still available.

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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Technical Datasheet

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Installation Guide

Most bare timber can be painted by firstly priming with the Satin Paint 517 diluted with 5% water. We recommend a very light sanding in between coats using 220 grit sand paper.  The following coats should then be applied un-thinned.

Some woods contain active substances which can leave staining, tanning or lead to drying delays. (oak, chestnut, larch, red cedar, meranti are some examples) for these types of wood it is recommended that the Auro Colour For Life Paint Primer 510 is used as a primer coat. Even if unsure what the timber is the primer can be used on all timber. 

If in doubt about what your wood is, this primer can be used on all wood. 

The Auro Satin Paint 517 can also be used on metal but only after priming with the Auro Rust Protection Primer 519

It is very easy to apply by brush, roller or by spraying. It is quick drying, it will be dust dry after 2 hours and recoatable after 6 hours. Generally 2 – 3  coats are desired. If painting over a previously painted surface, a light sanding would be desired, and it is good practice to test a small area before undertaking any large job for compatibility.

Tools should be cleaned with water and Auro Plant Soap 411.

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